Tuesday, October 18, 2011

One Good Thing....

The one good thing about query letters (who knew there was something?) is that I procrastinate so much when I'm doing them and my mind wanders to such an extent that I'm exponentially more creative during that time. My brain feels so stifled during the whole process that I create pretty amazing things as little sidebars when I step away from the letter writing process.

So...the good news is that late last night, when I finally stepped away from writing and sending out letters, I had a chance to clear my head. And when I did, the first and last chapters for my next book as well as the plot arc and main character's internal struggle just materialized in my head. It literally happened in a matter of minutes, but I know this is what it's going to be...in fact, I have 2/3 of another book written, but I feel so strongly about this one that I'm going go shelf that one for the time being (I might even post the first chapter of that one on here because it's kind of a cool short story in and of itself). I just need to write this story.

This one came to me like my first book came to me. I was sitting at lunch with a friend and it just popped into my head the same way and I went home and wrote and wrote the entire thing straight through in a matter of a few months. I'm ready to write this one the same way.

In that respect, I guess that was one redeeming quality about this whole query process...a very peripheral one, but I'm still happy :)

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