Sunday, October 23, 2011

One Book, Two Book, Thre..Ebook....

I had an idea yesterday. I'm thinking that with this next novel I'm working on, I might just release it as an ebook and skip all of this querying business. I keep hearing that the industry is headed in the digital direction anyway and people seem to be doing really well with ebooks, so I think it's worth a shot. I might even do it with the book I'm shopping right now, but since I have all of the letters written and out to agents and publishers, I'm going to wait on it. I'm not completely used to the whole idea yet and I have so much of my heart and soul into that book, I really dreamed of seeing it in print. So for that particular project, I need to give it a little more time to marinate (I figure after the writer's conference, I'll make a final decision for that manuscript).

As far as the current manuscript, though, I am less emotionally attached to it because I'm still in the process of writing it, so I don't have a "vision" for the one yet. If I decide now that I want it to be an ebook and that it will never be in a bookstore, I think I could reconcile that idea emotionally. Besides, if people are receptive to this one, maybe I will feel even better about putting my first project out there, but it's just my baby...for that matter, it's my first born and I'm being super protective of it, so yes, I'm coddling it a bit. I want it in black and white, protected by a spine, binding and a hardback cover...but I guess this could be a good learning experience for me.

Wow, that makes me feel I really the person who isn't ready to move into the digital age?

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