Monday, November 28, 2011

Finally Posting a Poem :)

If you are new to reading the blog... I will post the warning poems are dark (I'm not a depressed person, it's just freeing to tap into other people's emotions and utilize the full creative spectrum). So, you've been warned :) But this is one I wrote over the weekend because I had just read an article about a mental institution and I was wondering what the people inside of those places felt like. Enjoy!!

Pain and suffering pounce at the door
They ooze through your skin-- from the walls, from the floor

The stark monotony of the halls and the cells
Where “commitment” means shackles and not wedding bells

Locks and bars cannot prohibit
Malicious intent against oneself
And pharmaceutical drugs cannot inhibit
The soul’s regretful journey
Through its own cranial hell

They battle through life—
Every torturous breath
While freedom for them
Lives only in death

So these talking heads
Lay in hospital beds---
It’s not safe where they lie
It’s not safe where they hide…

Scared to be together, terrified of being alone,
They’ve nowhere to stay, but nowhere to go--
Nowhere to stay, but nowhere to go…

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