Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Researching E-Books

I've been doing a lot of research on e-books the past few days and I'm really starting to get comfortable with the idea. I actually set some firm deadlines for myself and if this agent decides to pass (I'm still hoping she doesn't)...please don't pass, agent, if you're reading this!!!!! ...and if I don't get picked up by another agent that I'm comfortable with in the interim between the end of this exclusive and the writer's conference, I've decided I'm going to go the e-book route. 

I've been trying to get this book published for over a year now and call it vanity, call it whatever you like, but I really think that once people read it, they will like it. Every time I have explained to someone the concept of the book, they go crazy. It's completely unique and I think it will blow people's minds. I think it's book club material, honestly. Is it the best book in the world? I'm confident, but I'm not crazy....I know there are better books out there, but I also think I have a good concept and strong characters and that people will enjoy reading it if I just put it out there and give them a chance...but I'll never know if it just sits in a file folder as a word document on my computer. 

I promised myself that I would try EVERY possible avenue to get my writing out there...and I'm going to fulfill that promise...So, if all else fails, I will be publishing an e-book in early Spring...stay tuned :)

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