Sunday, November 6, 2011

No Blog Today

I sat down and tried to blog a few times today, but my mind was racing and I just couldn't do it. My sister's boyfriend was planning to propose this evening and it's been all I have been able to think about for the past 72 hours. Today, it was even harder to contain my excitement and I was so desperate not to let anything slip, I didn't want to go on Facebook, Twitter or even blog. I didn't want anyone texting me, emailing me, calling me or doing anything that would require me to explain what I was doing tonight because I wanted to tell everyone SO badly and couldn', instead, I basically fell off the grid for a few days. In fact, I even ignored my sister for a little while when I found out because I can't keep secrets from her and I didn't know how to handle it. My brilliant solution was to stay away from her...but being as we talk every few hours, I realized quickly that wasn't going to work, so I had to battle my way through that one!

Now that it's done, though, I can finally jump on here and explain my absence...and talk to everyone again!

....and oh yeah, she said yes! :)

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